Conversational English

Many who learn English usually try to learn English grammar and vocabulary. Students often neglect conversational English. These lessons are based on conversation themes. This lesson will help you become familiar with everyday English and will strengthen your conversational speaking skills. Having lessons in succession will help you to see how the English language is used in its everyday setting.Learning a language requires daily usage and practice. Language is like a muscle. Just as a muscle needs to be trained if you want it to be strong, you need to likewise speak English everyday to improve. Your tutor will work together with you to help you improve your English.Your first lesson is free when you register for the first time. Click here to register, and have your first FREE English lesson!


Presentation English

Are you preparing for a presentation? Are you representing the company at a trade fair, presenting a business proposal or taking the lead in introducing a foreign delegation to your company? Are you preparing for a speech which you need to deliver at your company? Then this package is for you. The package is tailored to your specific needs. The package focuses not only on your spoken English pronunciation and syntax but also looks at the manner of delivery.It has been said that playing an instrument for public is not the same as playing an instrument for your friends. Delivering a talk is much the same. You will be able to practice your presentation and be given guidance of how to effectively deliver your presentation in correct standard English.


Free English Vowels Online Course

When you learn how to speak a language it all starts with good pronunciation. Try this online free course and master the pronunciation of the English vowels.

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about me

I am a qualified TESOL instructor trained to teach those learning English as a second language(Canadian Institute of English). I also am certified to provide language support in German, Swedish and Chinese to beginners (Canadian Institute Certified) and have been trained to use the latest advanced language training methods based on recent neuro science studies. I have over 12 years of teaching experience and over 20 years of public speaking training. In addition to this training, I have worked more than 16 years in the print industry, publishing, which encompassed proof reading, graphics design and multimedia production.
Being a native English speaker and having gone through the process of learning two new languages as an adult, gives me the advantage of being able to understand the challenges that learners of English often have.

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